Events and Happenings

  • OUR KIDS SOLUTIONS FORUM will be held in Riverside CA June 19-21. Dr. Robert Putnam will keynote on June 20 at 9AM. Read More
  • Come visit: Our Kids Blog
  • Come visit: Detroit Student's Blog to see blogs and vlogs from student organizers from 482Forward
  • MPC was at Grand Park on Friday March 15th covering the Climate Change protest in DTLA
  • Laura LaConrik of LaConrik Communications LLC has come on board as our PBS/Station Relations person.

"In a time when our country seems to be moving towards more ideological extremes, work such as "Our Kids" is incredibly important; it shines light on examples in the country where the social fabric of our country is diverse and strong in the area that our future most depends - the growth and development of our children.  

- Todd Dickson, CEO, Valor Collegiate Academies, Nashville, TN

"The work of the Media Policy Center and, in particular, their focus surrounding Robert Putnam’s “Our Kids”, is vitally important as we consider the future health of our country.  In reality, “Our Kids” are “Our Future.” Spotlighting initiatives around the country that are kid/family centered and offer real hope for bridging the opportunity gap that is growing in America, will certainly ignite important discourse and lay a path for hope and change.

- Dr. Kevin Huffman, Principal, Robberson Community School, Springfield, MO

"Our Kids depicts the importance of compassion and 'community' in our efforts to meet the growing needs of youth. It's a call to action for all of us.

- Ann Bischoff, CEO, Star House, Columbus, OH