Our public television four-hour series project, gleaned from decades of Putnam’s perceptions and observations, will reach millions of people -- calling many to action -- but action on the ground across the country will require that the message be aggressively and strategically publicized, marketed, and thoroughly embedded in communities – large and small -- and educational institutions using social media and traditional community outreach, digital tools and strategies. Modern mass media is a powerful place to begin, but it is not the place to end.  We aspire to reach board rooms, city council rooms, class rooms, living rooms, town squares, assemblies, and church basements, to cause a revolution in experimental and strategic thinking and action. Putnam wants to reverse the narrative of polarization and despair with new, practical, and optimistic possibilities. We want to help him, with your outreach support.

Following the book’s outline, we examine the role and importance of: family, school, work, and community; access to medical care; substance abuse; youth incarceration; urban transportation; and more broadly, reaching out to needy kids: those suffering from the impact of poverty, racial discrimination, abandonment, violence, abuse, unequal justice, and environmental injustice.