Events and Happenings

"The work of the Media Policy Center and, in particular, their focus surrounding Robert Putnam’s “Our Kids”, is vitally important as we consider the future health of our country.  In reality, “Our Kids” are “Our Future.” Spotlighting initiatives around the country that are kid/family centered and offer real hope for bridging the opportunity gap that is growing in America, will certainly ignite important discourse and lay a path for hope and change.

- Dr. Kevin Huffman, Principal, Robberson Community School, Springfield, MO

"Thank you, Robert Putnam and the Media Policy Center, for this deep and comprehensive nationwide tour of programs and people who are role modeling creativity and commitment in helping our kids find their best.  Thank you for showing us that we all need to reach out more and that, in doing so, bit-by-crucial-bit, we will find our best – as a neighborhood, a community, a nation.

- Jim Nute, Executive Director, Mayhew Program, New Hampshire

"As adults, many of us take our stable foundations for granted. I cannot stress enough the importance of awareness when it comes to kids in poverty. "Our Kids" will shed a much needed light on the impact of poverty in America and how the stress of poverty bleeds into every facet of life, especially when it comes to youth. The widening opportunity gap of this country is often unseen and unacknowledged by those of us who are privileged enough to do so.

- Amy Blansit, Drew Lewis Foundation, Springfield, MO