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"In a time when our country seems to be moving towards more ideological extremes, work such as "Our Kids" is incredibly important; it shines light on examples in the country where the social fabric of our country is diverse and strong in the area that our future most depends - the growth and development of our children.  

- Todd Dickson, CEO, Valor Collegiate Academies, Nashville, TN

"Thank you, Robert Putnam and the Media Policy Center, for this deep and comprehensive nationwide tour of programs and people who are role modeling creativity and commitment in helping our kids find their best.  Thank you for showing us that we all need to reach out more and that, in doing so, bit-by-crucial-bit, we will find our best – as a neighborhood, a community, a nation.

- Jim Nute, Executive Director, Mayhew Program, New Hampshire

"Our Kids depicts the importance of compassion and 'community' in our efforts to meet the growing needs of youth. It's a call to action for all of us.

- Ann Bischoff, CEO, Star House, Columbus, OH